Viral Adoptive Fathers' "Dear Future Baby" Has Arrived

Joe and Joey Famoso-Morales emerge from the adoptions world triumphant.

Joe and Joey Famoso-Morales emerge from the adoptions world triumphant.

It only took one crazy viral video and a flood of national news attention, but Joe and Joey Famoso-Morales are finally fathers.

It's a dizzying triumph for the Plymouth couple, whose year-long, cross-country search for a child had been checkered with seemingly endless frustration and rejection. Last November, Joe and Joey came so close to adopting an infant girl that a nurse had to literally take her out of their hands at the hospital. The mother had gotten cold feet after giving birth, the nurse explained. Joe and Joey were devastated. See also: 8-Year-Old Takes Car for 10-Mile Joy Ride Throughout East Metro

The video that changed their fortunes:

A few months after that, they filmed a YouTube music video to set their application apart from those of other desperate parent-hopefuls. Their "Dear Future Baby," a parody of Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband," vowed unconditional love to any adoptee who would join their family. City Pages and other local news outlets covered the video shortly after it went viral, and the couple's plea has since landed on the Huffington Post, People, TIME and Cosmopolitan.

Eventually, word got around to an expecting mother on the East Coast. She reached out to Joe and Joey, who flew out to meet the family. Sometime in April -- the fathers aren't saying exactly when out of respect for the mother -- baby Jackson was born.

"Life as we know it has changed and I'm happy to say that it's all for the better -- our heads are in the clouds and our hearts are in the palm of our son Jackson's hands," Joe and Joey announced to a massive Facebook following on Monday. "The type of unconditional love we already have for our son was immediate, is everlasting and a truly divine blessing. We are so grateful that our son found us."

No one in the family sleeps anymore, but it's so worth it, Joe says. They know they're supposed to let Jackson get used to his bassinet, but they never want to put him down. Just in the past few days, Jackson's started to make eye contact. They're hoping for his personality to bloom in coming weeks.

Now, Joe and Joey are trying to pay it forward. They've cornered a national platform for talking about gay adoptions, and they have big dreams to build a nonprofit out of it: the Future Baby Foundation.

"We know there are folks out there who have been in the same situation that we were in, and we want to help provide financial relief in addition to counseling support for both the birth families as well as the adoptive families," Joe says. "There's a significant emotional burden attached to unsuccessful adoptions, and we want to help."

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