Vintage Minneapolis mugshots or current Minneapolis hipsters?

Fashion and facial hair are eerily cyclical.

Fashion and facial hair are eerily cyclical.

People revisit the past for all sorts of reasons — to make a connection with their heritage, understand the evolution of pop culture, or simply get a glimpse of what life was like for the generations that came before them.

But other times they’re just bored and on the Internet.

Last week pop culture blog Dangerous Minds posted a cool collection of Minneapolis mugshots from the late 1960s and early ‘70s. Some of the arrestees in the photos, culled from Vintage Everyday and These Americans, were surprisingly stylin’ given their incarceration. Their crimes are unknown. But based on appearances, they could fit right in with modern hipster society.

All in good fun, we pulled 13 of our favorite throwback-y mugshots and speculated what variety of Minneapolis hipster caricature each would be in 2015.

2015 hipster alter ego: Random MCTC student on the bus who lost his eye in a freak pickling accident.

2015 hipster alter ego: Bar stool philosopher who loves discussing the myriad art projects he’ll abandon before completion.


2015 hipster alter ego: The ebullient theater major’s new one-man show is terrible, but he’s such a sweetheart no one tells him.

2015 hipster alter ego: Icehouse waitress saving to open an artisanal muffin shop or organic food truck that runs on vegetable oil. She can’t decide.

2015 hipster alter ego: Routinely fired from bar back gigs, but always has a smoke for anyone down to talk old surf records.

2015 hipster alter ego: He has a thousand reasons why he forgot to meet you at Lee’s Liquor Lounge last night, mostly involving his rusty pick-up truck and weed.

2015 hipster alter ego: Social media manager who can’t afford a pitcher at the CC Club, but always has the newest iPhone.

2015 hipster alter ego: Entry-level copywriter who fronts a Joy Division cover band yet to play its first show.

2015 hipster alter ego: Chain-smoking hairstylist who drinks whiskey at Muddy Waters all night and exclusively dates bros.

2015 hipster alter ego: His frowny disposition and strategically disheveled hair kills with the ladies until they spot the blood stains.

2015 hipster alter ego: Says he only drinks “craft,” but last weekend got wasted off High Life and peed behind a dumpster at the 331 Club.

2015 hipster alter ego: Plays bass and sings in a twee-pop band about to be huge on the basement scene.

2015 hipster alter ego: The Minneapolis Action Bronson and First Avenue bouncer.