Vikings: We'll only bum your stadium temporarily, we swear

Vikings: We'll only bum your stadium temporarily, we swear

The Vikings are pretty defensive when it comes to having their own stadium. Sid Hartman's story yesterday quoted former Senate majority leader and now University Regent Dean Johnson saying he didn't see a reason why the Vikings couldn't also ditch the Metrodome for the new TCF Stadium down the road on campus. The stadium can be expanded to 80,000 seats.

This didn't sit well with the Vikings. What kind of big-shot NFL team (the lowest stadium revenue in the NFL) mooches off a University stadium? View their latest statements after the jump.

In the Strib story that ran today, here is how the Vikings reacted to the option:

Lester Bagley, the Vikings vice president of public affairs and stadium development, said the club would generate "significantly" less revenue at TCF Bank Stadium than at the Metrodome. The Vikings have the lowest stadium revenue in the NFL.

The Vikings are hoping to get a stadium built on the Metrodome site, and Bagley acknowledges there have been talks about the team spending two seasons playing on campus while a new venue was under construction. However, there have been no discussions about the Vikings making a permanent move onto campus.

"But with due respect to Dean Johnson, the Gophers stadium does not work from a business perspective. We have toured the Gophers stadium and it will be a beautiful college stadium and a great experience for the fans. But the issue here isn't about the number of seats. It's not an NFL stadium and does not meet the program requirements for a basic NFL venue in terms of suites, club seats, signage and sponsorships."

Bagley said the Vikings "tried to go down the path of a shared stadium on campus" at one point but it's clear the university "doesn't want an NFL stadium on their campus."

We can just imagine the humiliation the Vikings would face as NFL teams show up to a campus stadium for their games. Maybe they would start acting more like college players too.

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