Vikings training camp 'fight' looks painful for puncher's fist [VIDEO]

Antone Exum Jr. landed some punches... to Laquon Treadwell's helmet.

Antone Exum Jr. landed some punches... to Laquon Treadwell's helmet. KARE 11

Forgive Laquon Treadwell for celebrating his touchdown catch in Monday's training camp session. 

Treadwell didn't have any of those in real games last season. In fact, the Vikings top draft pick in 2016 (Rd. 1, No. 23 overall) caught exactly one pass all year for 15 yards. 

Obviously, both he and the team are looking for a lot more than that this coming season. And they might find it, if Treadwell can keep using strength and footwork to make space, as he did in one route on Monday against teammate Antone Exum Jr.

Despite some pretty decent coverage, Treadwell battled, leapt, and brought the pass down in the endzone. Then he spread his arms wide, showing Exum the ball, and the (presumably joyful) face of the man who'd just beat him.

This was a step too far: Exum charged Treadwell -- first fighting through a "block" from wide receiver/peacemaker Adam Thielen -- and threw a series of punches at Treadwell, who had wisely put on a football helmet before coming to practice.

Eventually, the two combatants wrestled to the ground. The "fight" was caught and uploaded by KARE 11's Dave Schwartz.



The Pioneer Press notes veteran Terence Newman had essentially ordered up a scrap or two, saying these kinds of fights show "everybody's really working." 

Exum denied he was fulfilling Newman's mandate for teammate-on-teammate violence, explaining that he and Treadwell were "just competing, nothing serious," adding that you "don't ever need fights" to prove people are trying out there.

He's right, you don't need fights. What you need are touchdowns. If Treadwell plans to go get a few of those this year, expect everyone -- even Exum -- to have his back.