Vikings' Tom Johnson Alleges He Got Chris Lollie Treatment From Cops [VIDEO]

Johnson (mugshot at right) says the MPD officer pictured pepper sprayed and tased him, in addition to breaking his phone.

Johnson (mugshot at right) says the MPD officer pictured pepper sprayed and tased him, in addition to breaking his phone.

Remember Chris Lollie, the St. Paul man who filmed his own rough arrest in the skyway, an arrest he argues was racially motivated?

Vikings' defense tackle Tom Johnson alleges he received the same sort of treatment when he was roughly arrested outside Seven in downtown Minneapolis early Sunday morning.

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Like Lollie, Johnson says he has the video to prove it. According to the agency that represents Johnson, the clip below, shot on his cell phone, shows the 6-3, 288 pounder having his phone broken by the same off-duty Minneapolis police officer who pepper sprayed him inside the establishment.

A statement released by the International Sports Agency says the footage was shot after Johnson "took a photo of the officer with his cell phone and asked the officer his name." (Read the full statement on page two.)

After that, "At 2:33 a.m. (call log verified), Mr. Johnson called a car service to pick him up, as his vision was still impaired from the pepper spray in the eyes," the statement says.

Here's the footage:

After the blow at the end of the clip knocked Johnson's phone to the ground, shattering its screen, Johnson tried to grab it.

"As Mr. Johnson reached for his phone on the ground, the off-duty officer used a taser on Mr. Johnson between the shoulder blades," the ISA statement says. "According to the police report, the taser was used multiple times. A mark can be seen in [a] photo."

Johnson was arrested and subsequently charged with misdemeanor counts of trespassing and disorderly conduct.

After laying out Johnson's version of events, the statement concludes by characterizing the officer's conduct as "battery" marked by "excess use of force."

"Battery committed against Mr. Johnson by the off-duty police officers is a clear violation of Mr. Johnson's rights," the statement says. "We are continuing to investigate and will move forward with the proper legal actions once that process has concluded. We are confident that once the facts of the case are revealed Mr. Johnson will be fully exonerated."

We reached out to the Minneapolis Police Department for comment about Johnson's allegations. In an email, MPD spokesman John Elder told us, "This continues to be an active investigation."

Despite the charges, the Vikings plan for Johnson to play Sunday. After yesterday's practice, Johnson deferred questions to his attorney, though he did say, "People in authority should be accountable. If they do something, they should be accountable just like everyone else." (Quote via ESPN.)

Read the full ISA statement for yourself on page two.


ISA Tom Johnson Statement

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