Vikings tickets pricier at TCF Bank Stadium, but you might not be able to buy 'em anyway

The cheapest tickets (light purple) cost $35. The most expensive (black) cost $139.
The cheapest tickets (light purple) cost $35. The most expensive (black) cost $139.

The Vikings have released information about ticket prices for games at TCF Bank Stadium, and unsurprisingly, going to a game won't be as cheap as it was at the Metrodome.

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The cheapest single-game ticket at TCF Stadium will cost $35, while at the Dome, the least spendy unobstructed seat cost $31. But before you start budgeting to buy tickets for a game next year, know that there's a good chance there won't be any single-gamers available.

That's because as of now, the team has about 52,000 tickets already spoken for as part of the 11,000 season ticket packages in place during the 2013 season, and TCF Bank Stadium's capacity is just a shade over 52,000. (Capacity at the Metrodome was about 64,000, and the stadium featured bigger sections, meaning some season ticket holders who had lower-level seats at the Dome will have to sit on the upper level at TCF Bank Stadium.)

"Right now, we're at capacity," Vikings spokesman Jeff Anderson told us today. "But where our season tickets renewals are at remains to be seen."

Typically, about 90 percent of season ticket holders renew their seats, Anderson said, meaning there might be just a couple thousand single-game tickets available when they go on sale sometime this summer.

But renewal rates could be atypical this year because of the likelihood some season ticket holders won't be interested in watching games in a Polar Vortex.

"Playing outside will be a completely different experience, and there will be an element of fans who won't want to go outside," Anderson said. "The one thing we've made very clear is that if you don't want to go to TCF we aren't going to punish you in terms of priority at the new stadium, as priority is based on where you were at 2013 at Mall of America Field."

On the plus side, unlike Gophers games where beer is only sold at designated beer gardens around the facility, Vikings games at TCF Bank Stadium will offer beer everywhere. So if you've got the dough to cough up $7 or $8 a pop for brewskis and are lucky enough to snag tickets, there will be ways to stay relatively warm during those cold December home games.

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