Vikings ticket scalpers screwed after Favre's decision


While some of us are hosting "No Favre!" parties in celebration of Brett Favre's last-minute decision to leave Minnesota alone, some people are pretty bummed or flat-out screwed.

People were so convinced Favre would be throwing for the Vikings this season and anticipation was so high that scalpers swept in and bought up game tickets to make a big turnaround profit on them.

Some people fell for it and bought the ridiculously overpriced tickets, but scalpers that still have tickets to sell are now screwed. Prices have plummeted once again and there's no money to be made in the deal.

According to MSNBC's Sports Biz blog, Vikings ticket prices were up 95 percent in July. That's the largest increase for any team in the league.

"The Vikings typically have one of the most affordable ticket prices on StubHub in the entire league, just $81 in 2008," said StubHub spokesman Sean Pate. "That had spiked dramatically to $145 with all the Favre speculation."

Pate says anyone who grabbed tickets will now see its value on the secondary market drop down to its usual value.

"Prices are already dropping," Pate said.

Have we ever felt bad for the people who eat up all the tickets to events and resell them to rip us off? Nope. Do we feel bad now that they fell for Favre's lack of decision-making skills? Hell no.