Vikings teammates give old-man Favre a rocking chair


Poor Brett Favre has got it tough. He's the "new guy" who comes on to the team thinking he's the shit, gets paid too much, and ticks off the teammates who have to bite their tongue. It's Brett Favre so everyone has to bow down a little and admit he used to be something.

Well now he is just an old man. So old we wonder how he manages to get up in the morning only to be tackled right back down again when he gets to work. Like old old.

To show their appreciation for the new "dad" or "grandpa," some players surprised him with an early birthday present for his big 4-0 next month.

Sitting right in front of his locker is a nice wooden rocking chair. So fitting. Grandpa Favre will be passed out drooling in no time. Who gets to pen a penis on his face?

Check out the WCCO video here.