Vikings squirrel is MVP (Most Valuable Pest) against Packers [VIDEO]

The squirrel was immediately offered a contract by the Detroit Lions.

The squirrel was immediately offered a contract by the Detroit Lions.

Sunday's Minnesota Vikings game against the Green Bay Packers was supposed to be a clash of the titans. The contest looked like a classic old-school matchup, with the surprising, division-leading Vikings playing host to the second-ranked Packers in the cold conditions at TCF Bank Stadium. 

All that was easily forgotten, though, at least for a few seconds, as an unknown prospect took to the field to announce his unheralded skills. Late in the first quarter, Fox cameras cut to a squirrel sprinting down the sideline, eluding numerous pursuers with a variety of stutter-steps and cutbacks.

Announcer Joe Buck said the varmint had been "wreaking havoc all day," and it was easy to see why. Watch as the squirrel runs right at a potential tackler, who tried to use his coat to grab the little guy, only to stop on a dime, change directions completely, and make a break for the Gatorade stand. 

As the broadcast went to commercial, Fox helpfully included a slow-motion replay of the squirrel's open field running.

Note how the critter keeps his eyes focused on the endzone — some sort of nut vendor, we imagine — while taking huge strides with each step. Who knows if those weird little hands could hold a ball, but many teams could probably use the squirrel as a decoy wide receiver, a special teams squad player, or just as a freaky little surprise to keep the other team off guard. 

The squirrel is thought to be a free agent.