Vikings RB Caleb King told he looks like Eddie Murphy, nearly beats man to death, police say

King flew off the handle at a Friday night birthday party.

King flew off the handle at a Friday night birthday party.

Caleb King, a Minnesota Vikings running back who never saw on-field action as a rookie last season, really doesn't like to be told he resembles Eddie Murphy, apparently.

King, 24, and Coon Rapids resident Andrew Hayek, 22, were both at a birthday party Friday night in Oak Grove when Hayek told King he looks a bit like the star of The Nutty Professor. Later in the night, King beat Hayek so severely that one more punch "could have killed him," Hayek's foster mother told the Pioneer Press.

King was arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault. He could be charged today and remains in Anoka County Jail. Hayek, meanwhile, remains hospitalized after suffering what authorities say could be "a serious brain injury."

[jump] According to the police report, Hayek made the King-Murphy comparison about 1 a.m. Saturday morning. A couple hours later, Hayek went outside to wait in a vehicle for a ride home. But before he could get in the car, he was confronted by King, who ended up punching him in the face.

Hayek was able to get in the vehicle's passenger-side door, lock it, and call 911, but King entered the car through the unlocked driver's side. He then pulled Hayek from the car and severely beat him before throwing him head first to the ground. Hayek ended up with a fractured skull and a nose so severely damaged that he's had to have it completely reconstructed.

The homeowners gathered Hayek up and took him inside the home, apparently not planning to seek medical attention or call authorities, but police traced Hayek's 911 call and arrived on scene shortly thereafter. King told deputies no punches were thrown and that Hayek "simply fell to the ground when [he] was talking to him."

Hayek's sister told the Star Tribune her brother "is a huge Vikings fan, but probably not any more." Vikings GM Rick Spielman said the team is aware of the incident and gathering information but refused to elaborate.