Vikings punter Chris Kluwe changing his name to World of Warcraft?

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is so obsessed with uber-nerd video game World of Warcraft that he might just change his name to the game title. Why not right? It would be so totally hilarious and clever. Or completely insane. 

Kluwe is being lauded as a "hero" online for his completely genius and not-funny idea today. On a recent broadcast of his show on radio station 93X, Kluwe mentioned floating the idea with his bosses at the station, but they told him "World of Warcraft" was just too long for a name.

From Kotaku (via):

"Back when [Bengals receiver] Chad Johnson changed his name to Ocho Cinco, I told the guys at 93X that I was going to change my name to Chris 'World of Warcraft' " Kluwe said. "They said that's too long. So they started calling me Chris 'Warcraft.' I could make a lot of money if I changed my name to that."
Kluwe is a big gamer and often talks about it during his show. His listeners don't even care about his football career! Apparently a lot of other people don't care either because the Vikings are still struggling to fill the Metrodome for this weekend's playoff game. 

"I think more people like to hear me talk about playing video games than football," said Kluwe, an expert at many video games. "I've played video games since I was 4 years old. I play them a lot more than I kick a football. I kick the ball about 45 minutes a day. I play video games about five or six hours a day. But that's OK. I don't watch TV."