Vikings: No mas Randy Moss in purple

Unfortunately, it's likely this will go down as Moss' last great moment in purple.
Unfortunately, it's likely this will go down as Moss' last great moment in purple.

The Vikings ranked 28th out of 32 teams in passing yards per-game last season. Their wide receiving corps was devoid of a big-play down the field threat.

But with glaring holes along the offensive line and in the secondary, spending a high draft pick or lots of money on a free agent wide receiver might not be in the cards for the team this offseason. Ideally, the Vikes would be able to find a cheap veteran to help stretch the field and open up intermediate routes for Percy Harvin.

Enter Randy Moss. The 35-year-old announced last weekend that he wants to end his one-year retirement and play again in 2012. With all his I-play-when-I-wanna-play straight-cash-homie baggage, he almost certainly won't be offered more than a short-term, modest-salary contract. History aside, it seems like he'd be a good fit on the Vikes, doesn't it?

But when asked today about the possibility of bringing Moss back, General Manager Rick Spielman said the team doesn't have any interest.

"We'll be moving on," Spielman said. "Randy was a great player, but we'll focus more on trying to get a younger team."

Was a great player? Sure, Moss is past his prime, but historically he's also played his best when he's had that nobody-believes-in-me chip on his shoulder. When the Vikes drafted him late in the first round of the 1998 draft, he made a point of punishing teams that passed on him (most infamously the Cowboys) with big performances during the seasons that followed. Then, in 2007, he had his career-best season with New England after the Pats rescued his down-and-out career from the NFL scrapheap that is the Oakland Raiders.

In other words, Spielman should hope Randy doesn't sign with an NFC North team like the receiver-bereft Chicago Bears. Otherwise, he may rue the day when he discussed Moss' greatness in the past tense.

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