Vikings' new jersey design leaked [IMAGE]

As expected, the Vikes' new look is quite similar to the team's pre-2006 look.
As expected, the Vikes' new look is quite similar to the team's pre-2006 look.

The Vikings planned to unveil their new jersey design during tomorrow night's NFL draft party at the Metrodome. Then the internet happened.

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All the teasing the Vikings did about their new on-field look is for naught after the full jersey design was accidentally leaked yesterday by a Jacksonville TV station that posted a slideshow of photos taken at Nike headquarters, a couple of which featured the Purple's new threads.

Without further ado:

Twitter reaction to the new design has been mixed, but, as polling we conducted late last year indicated, the general consensus is that anything is an improvement over the atrocious clown suits the Vikes wore the past seven years.

Vikings players Chris Kluwe and Greg Jennings shared their thoughts:

But ESPN sports jersey reporter (yes, that job exists) Paul Lukas didn't exactly give the new look two thumbs way up. From his blog:

Normal pants design = Hooray! Lack of jersey side panels = Hooray! Number font = Nuh-uh. Leotard effect of purple pants with purple-topped socks = Blow me. (Also: If you look closely at the photo, it appears that the "2″ on purple jersey may not have the extraneous serifs like the "2″ on the white jersey, although it's hard to be sure. Hmmmm.)

Despite the leak, the Vikings official Twitter account is still promising that there's "much more to come" during tomorrow's draft party. Maybe, as 1500 ESPN's Tom Pelissero suggested, that means they'll be unveiling the team's new undies design?

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