Vikings make Adrian Peterson the polarizing face of family day

Adrian Peterson's kiss heard round the Twittersphere.

Adrian Peterson's kiss heard round the Twittersphere.

For last Saturday’s family day, the Minnesota Vikings invited moms and dads to bring their happy accidents to Mankato for some training camp fun. There were “junior” camps and cheerleader clinics for little Johnny and Janie, and even a sendoff fireworks show at dusk.

It was as wholesome as Joe Mauer helping his mom with the dishes. But a simple family day tweet managed to raise a few eyebrows.

While shouting out the festivities, the Vikings tweeted a picture of Adrian Peterson sharing an intimate moment with his son and apparently some guy with a camera. The supreme yard gainer was on the practice field locking lips with the boy in a photo made for the mantel or promotional tweet.

If it was anyone (anyone) other than the aggressive disciplinarian who sat out most of last season after whopping his child bloody with a stick, no one would have thought twice about the perfectly captured smooch. Instead, the internet was all “WTF?” with a few sympathizers having No. 28’s back.

— Kyle Belland (@TheNorseman89) August 4, 2015
Indeed it was an interesting face to put on family day. But it’s hard to imagine the purple message framers didn’t know what they were doing. So in a way, it feels like a subtle show of support for the embattled running back — one easier to make with Peterson’s reinstatement and renegotiated contract in the rearview.

After all the drama, Peterson and the Vikings’ pained relationship has ostensibly healed better than a switch wound (yeah, we went there). Or at the very least, they’ve kissed and made up for the cameras.