Vikings' 'Legacy of Failure' Youtube doc is sad, mean, funny, accurate [VIDEO]

You can keep rewatching this clip. Gary Anderson is never going to make that field goal.

You can keep rewatching this clip. Gary Anderson is never going to make that field goal.

The Minnesota Vikings are one of the greatest franchises in NFL history.

Hey, why are you -- stop laughing

Seriously. In 56 years of play, the Vikings have won 457 games, lost 387, and tied 10, for a .541 winning percentage. That's better than such storied, winning franchises as the Pittsburgh Steelers, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Washington Redskins. 

Thing is, all those teams have Super Bowl rings. Multiples: Six for Pittsburgh, five for San Francisco, and three for Washington. 

Minnesota has appeared in four Super Bowls and lost them all; the Vikings last made the big game in 1976.

The team's endured a few ups and downs on the very, very bumpy road since then. On several occasions, Minnesota has looked like the best team in the NFL, or at least on its way to another Super Bowl... only to snatch failure from the jaws of success.

A new video catalogs the Vikings' life-of-the-franchise-long woes. It's the latest in a popular Youtube video editor's series, with each exploring a certain team's "Legacy of Failure." Applied to the Vikings, the phrase feels harsh -- they've won so many games! -- and yet, inarguably apt. 

The Herschel Walker trade, the Brett Favre interception, the 41-0 loss in 2000, the 5-0 collapse last year, Jim Marshall running the wrong way, the taxpayer-fleecing, bird-killing new stadium... [lowers voice] the missed field goals. It's all here. 

As the documentarian suggests, this video is not to be enjoyed (unless you're a Packers fan) but can at least be endured with the aid of high-proof alcohol. Don't say we didn't warn you.

(Note: Since we originally published this post, the not-at-all-chill NFL has disabled its play on other websites; just click through to watch in on Youtube.)