Vikings go 0-2 and now they want to save the planet

Forget that 0-2 record and plant a tree.
Forget that 0-2 record and plant a tree.

We're all in favor of the Vikings doing their part to save the environment. Helping our big blue ball spin clean is important work.

But speaking of balls, we're wondering if maybe they could move a few more over the goal line before they start bragging about their green cred.

We now have an 0-2 season, thanks to the Saints and the Dolphins, and some less-than-stellar moves by Old What's His Name, and fans are understandably a little nervous.

Never mind all that pesky football stuff, though. Instead of trying to save a lousy start to the season, the Vikes want you to know they're planting trees and cutting back on the SUV mileage.

Yes, Purple Planet Week is back.

Now in all fairness, the team's just following sideline promotional calls from the NFL's Green Team here.

But the timing is not for hearing them tell us how to "Green Your Routine." And we assume that there's serious talk in the locker room about how to paste the Detroit Lions, also 0-2, next Sunday.

If we can't beat the Lions, who cares about saving the planet?

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