Vikings' Fred Evans stiffed cabbie following "frisky" ride, C.J. reports

Fred Evans
Fred Evans

According to C.J.'s latest report, Vikings defensive tackle Fred Evans stiffed a cabbie who drove him and a gal pal from Augie's strip club in downtown Minneapolis to Eden Prairie because Evans couldn't wait to have some alone time with the woman.

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But after the cabbie appealed to the Vikings' director of security, he finally received his fare and then some -- a total of $275, to be exact.

C.J., citing conversations Strib reporters had with the cabbie, Abdikadir Noor, reports that Evans, 30, was getting "frisky" with the woman, described as an Augie's "employee," during the ride from the city to the 'burbs on the night of December 1, hours after the Vikings defeated the Chicago Bears at the Metrodome.

Once Evans and his gal arrived at TownPlace Suites at 11588 Leona Road in Eden Prairie, Noor told C.J. the two "went to the room... and he never [came] back."

"He [hung] up the phone on me once," Noor said. "Once [Evans] told me 'one second,' and I had to wait 30 minutes."

Evans never emerged from the building to pay his fare, so Noor called police. He later identified Evans out of a photo lineup, C.J. reports, though Noor said he already knew Evans was a Vikings player based on the conversation he had with the woman during the trip.

In hopes of recouping his fare without having to wrangle with police, Noor then contacted the Vikings.

"They gave me a cellphone [number] for somebody who handles things like this, when problems happen to the players, you know," Noor told C.J.

A couple of days later, he received his fare and a generous tip.

"I'm happy now," Noor said.

We're sure Evans and the Vikings aren't as happy to see this story in the news, but that's what happens when you're a millionaire and you allegedly stiff a cabbie.

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