Vikings fan in Wisconsin stabbed seven times defending giant lawn inflatable

Dave Moschel wasn't letting his Vikings inflatable go down without a fight.

Dave Moschel wasn't letting his Vikings inflatable go down without a fight.

The Minnesota Vikings are off to their best start in a generation.

And it's coinciding with a comparatively slow start, so far, for the Green Bay Packers, whose win Sunday over the New York Giants brought the Wisconsin team to 3-1.

That loss came here in Minneapolis, where the Vikings downed Green Bay 17-14, one of five wins Minnesota has rattled off to become the only undefeated team standing in the NFL this season.

The fifth of those wins came against the Houston Texans this past Sunday afternoon. Dave Moschel, a 36-year-old who lives in Stoughton, Wisconsin, but bleeds purple and gold, was trying to watch his favorite team's win. 

But then he noticed some jackass out in his yard, attacking Moschel's cherished decoration -- a giant inflatable Vikings lawn ornament -- with some kind of blade. 

Moschel tells Channel 3000 he rushed outside to confront the guy, who immediately decided he'd rather stab a Vikings fan than a Vikings inflatable.

"He [has] this razor, or knife, whatever he had in his hand," Moschel says, "and, just, goin' to ground, started wrestling around."

Moschel got seven stab wounds for his trouble, some of them ugly -- including a couple atop his head -- but all were superficial rather than life-threatening. He's lucky; so is the other guy. Moschel told the TV station "99 percent of the time" he leaves the house, he's packing a firearm, and would've used it in self-defense. 

"I'm kind of glad I did [leave it inside], because he would have been dead," Moschel says, "and I would have had to live with that."

His 21-year-old assailant was arrested on suspicion of reckless endangerment and property damage. Said property's going to get a little patchwork via duct tape, but isn't leaving Moschel's yard any time soon.

"I'm still here," Moschel says, "still living, still watching football."

And the Vikings are still undefeated.