Vikings considering replacing Chris Kluwe as punter

A full-time modeling career could be in store for Kluwe sooner than later.
A full-time modeling career could be in store for Kluwe sooner than later.

Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is probably the best gay marriage advocate in the NFL. But so far this season, he's been far from the best punter, and it appears the Vikings are running out of patience.

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Yesterday, the Vikings brought in 22-year-old former San Diego State and Indianapolis Cols punter Brian Stahovich for a tryout. The move could simply be a symbolic kick in the pants for Kluwe, 30, who's in his sixth season with the Purple. Or it could mean he'll soon have much more time on his hands to dream up new terms like "turdsloth" and "lustful cockmonster."

From ESPN 1500:

Kluwe heard boos from the Metrodome crowd after shanking a 20-yard punt out of bounds in the Vikings' loss to Tampa Bay last Thursday. He ended up grossing 37.8 yards, netting 37.7 and averaging 4.25 seconds of hang time on six punts, with a long of 55 against the Buccaneers.

Kluwe is 26th in the NFL this season with a gross average of 43.8 yards per punt and 18th with a net average of 39.9 yards. The eight-year veteran has career averages of 44.3 gross yards per punt and 37.1 net yards.

In other words, Kluwe's 2012 numbers aren't far off his career norms, but in the unsentimental world of the NFL, even one bad game is enough to put your job on the line.

As ESPN 1500 notes, this isn't the first time the Vikings have brought in a free agent punter to light a fire under Kluwe. During a Monday Night Football game against the Saints in 2008, Reggie Bush returned two punts for touchdowns and nearly housed a third. Coach Brad Childress, upset that Kluwe didn't prevent Bush's returns by kicking two of the punts out of bounds, brought in four free-agent punters for tryouts that week, but Kluwe kept the job and has kept on kickin' ever since.

Smart money says the Vikings will keep Kluwe around at least through the November 11 tilt at home against the Lions. After all, if the Vikes braintrust released him before election day, you'd have to think more than a few GLBT supporters would never forgive them.

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