Vikings' Chris Cook not guilty of pulling gun on Virginia neighbor

When Vikings rookie cornerback Chris Cook was accused back in March of scaring the crap out of a neighbor in Lynchburg, Va., by brandishing .40-caliber, chrome-plated pistol in his face, we figured we were seeing just another story about a pro footballer running off the rails.

But today, Cook was found not guilty on the misdemeanor charge following Omar D. Goode's accusations.

There's no doubt Cook and Goode got into an argument, General District Court Judge Edwin Burnette ruled after a two hour bench trial. But there's no evidence Cook went gangster.

"It's just crazy," Cook told the Strib at the time. "I just have to deal with it the best way I can. I wish it didn't happen. I wish I would have never got in an argument, but that's what happened."

Now Cook can get back to worrying about other stuff, like whether there will even be a football season, thanks to the lockout.

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