Vikings build dynasty as NFL's most arrested team

The Packers have more rings, but Vikings players lead the league in arrests the past five years.

The Packers have more rings, but Vikings players lead the league in arrests the past five years.

Minnesota Vikings players are used to getting handcuffed. And not just by shut-down cornerbacks.

Like a teen sitcom bad boy, it’s hard not to root for the horned helmets even when they’re constantly getting in trouble. So much trouble in fact, that they actually lead the league in arrests.

Seattle reporter Mike Rosenberg crunched the numbers on which NFL team’s players have been arrested the most in the last five years. With 18 arrests since 2011, the Vikings are the league’s jailhouse champions. In the not so Super Bowl, the purple cell sitters barely topped the Denver Broncos, who led the AFC with 16 arrests.

Elsewhere, the Green Bay Packers finished in the middle with eight arrests, while the goody-two-shoe Houston Texans only had one.

— Mike Rosenberg (@RosenbergMerc) August 10, 2015
Though it truly was a team victory, a handful of players delivered standout (not standup) performances. Although in some of the cases charges were dropped, Everson Griffen, Chris Cook, Adrian Peterson, Jerome Simpson and Erin Henderson logged two infractions apiece. Of those All Star arrestees, only Griffen and Peterson remain on the team.

It appears the Vikings have had a tough time hailing cabs, as seven of the arrests stemmed from DWIs — like that time Jerome Felton was pinched in a McDonald’s drive-thru line.

Unfortunately, the home team has something of a law-breaking dynasty, as the Vikings have the most arrests since 2000, according to Rosenberg’s calculations. Scrolling through this sortable USA Today arrest database offers a trip down bad memory lane. The lowlight reel includes Dwight Smith getting it on in a downtown Minneapolis stairwell, Koren Robinson’s drunken high-speed chase and basically Bryant McKinnie’s entire stint here. Oh, and of course Love Boat.

However, like head coach Mike Zimmer’s former legally imperiled Cincinnati squad (now No. 10), the Vikings could be losing their grip on the dubious title. Knock on McKinnie’s head, but the Vikes have a clean record so far in 2015. Not since Jabari Price’s end-of -season DWI and that night Tom Johnson really, really didn’t want to leave Seven has a current Viking run afoul of the law.

So as always with the Vikings, at least there’s hope.