Vikings break TV rating records and Minnesota hearts

Last night's Vikings loss in New Orleans carried a heavy whiff of déjà vu all over again.

And just to add insult to injury, we're greeted with news this afternoon from NBC that a record number of TV viewers got to see for themselves that the Vikes really, really don't know how to beat the Saints.

The NFC Championship rematch that we'd already like to forget drew a 28 percent audience share nationally, according to preliminary stats released by the broadcaster. The last time pro football pulled that many eyeballs in a regular season, prime time match was 1997 when the Denver Broncos beat the San Francisco 49ers.

Pardon us while we curb our enthusiasm. After an off-season salted with injuries, we nevertheless wanted to believe that Brett Favre was going to come back and lead the Purple to an act of sweet revenge over the Saints team that crushed his ankle and went on to capture the Super Bowl.

Our Purple pride took a crushing instead.

"I know people are going to say it wasn't the fireworks they expected it to be," Favre said after being held to 171 yards passing and a single touchdown pass in the 14-9 loss.

But on the bright side, Favre's fickle ankle didn't turn to mush. So there's that. And that single touchdown pass? Visanthe Shiancoe caught it. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. And as it happens, we profiled him in the week's cover story.

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