Vikings' Adrian Peterson booked for Digg Dialogg


Get those questions in: Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been booked for a question-and-answer session on Digg Dialogg. You can submit questions, and vote on others until Wednesday, 12 p.m. Pacific time. By then, the most popular questions will have filtered to the top of the list -- and those are the ones Peterson will answer.

The top three questions so far:

  • When you just got that speeding ticket last weekend, were you in a car or just running down the freeway?
  • AP, who is the one NFL player, not currently on the Vikings, that you would like to have on your team?
  • Knowing the odds of becoming a professional football player in the NFL, did you have a plan B just in case your dream didn't come true? If so, what was it?

The submission form for members is here. Or check out the Digg homepage here. Past visitors to the Digg Dialogg have included film director Peter Jackson, skateboard champion and entrepreneur Tony Hawk and treasury secretary Timothy Geithner.