Viking Shiancoe on his nationally televised member: 'How'd it look?'


The perils of live television are manifold: producers run the risk of bungled choreography, blurted out expletives, wardrobe malfunctions, and now what has to be a new one: slipped towels revealing male genitalia.

As you've probably heard seen by now, Viking tight end Visanthe Shiancoe had his junk televised during a live postgame press conference on Fox Sunday. (Shiancoe, now a reliable receiver, is evidently not a "blocking" tight end in the locker room, either).

Leave it to C.J. of the Strib to mine this story of all its awkwardness. The gossip columnist attended a party at Trocaderos put on by safety Darren Sharper earlier today and found herself interviewing the already-overexposed Shiancoe. When she informed him that the clip was available on YouTube, he offered a well-crafted offhand response.

"How'd it look?"

We have to hand it to Shiancoe. No other combination of words simutaneously saves face and exudes irreverence more concisely than that three-word utterance.

And C.J.'s response?

"Impressive." (Or at least it was in print.)

And lest you think the gossip columnist was overcome with lust or something weird, she ends with this:

"He thought that was pretty funny, and we shared a hand slap, which was followed by me happily going home alone."