Viking dong is back, could make Deadspin Hall of Fame


We've been waiting for the day when we could find some pathetic excuse to talk about Viking dong again. It just doesn't get old. A little penis slip can make any day.

We almost forgot about this penis slip, but it's back. And it might make Deadspin's Hall of Fame as part of a collective trend of the year: Pass-catching dongs.

Visante Shiancoe's penis sighting made a list of other football pass catchers who also showed some penis this year.

Here is what Deadspin had to say:

The Deadspin Hall of Fame is not just for individuals: It is for themes, for common bonds, for lasting memes ... for dongs. Pass-catching dongs, to be specific. Lots of crossing pattern dongs.
Shiancoe's most notable moment of the ordeal? Asking the Star Tribune's gossip columnist, "How'd it look?"

Her response? "Impressive."

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