Viking dong flasher says he's embarrassed the world saw it all

The Pioneer Press scored an interview with the infamous Viking behind the penis, Visanthe Shiancoe. When Shiancoe inadvertently gave us a free show on Sunday after the team's win, Fox News quickly apologized and the story went viral. It was our lucky day.

But for Shiancoe, he just hates spoiling the mystery underneath the uniform. You normally have to work for that, he swears.

More from the PiPress:

"It can be embarrassing because the whole world sees the real you, should I say," said Shiancoe, who was shown briefly and inadvertently on FOX sans clothing or even a towel after Sunday's Vikings win. "My teammates right after the game showed me. Within the hour, I knew about everything. I got a lot of calls and texts. I'm not hearing the end of it here in the locker room. I'm trying to have a little sense of humor about it, but there's a serious side of it, too, because with the kids. You don't want any kids seeing that."

Ah yes, we never really knew you, Shinacoe, until we saw your junk. That's the way we judge most people because you never know the "real" side of someone until they are naked.

After Fox apologized to the public, they also apologized to Shiancoe. We didn't know it was the tee-vee's fault that Shiancoe took his towel off briefly while standing in front of live feeds. How did they repay him? A box full of Fox shirts.

"I guess," Shiancoe said of his gifts from FOX, "to cover up."