Video shows MSP cops roughing up Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett after he swears at them

Jarrett on the air (left); his mugshot (right).

Jarrett on the air (left); his mugshot (right).

Video of Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett's May 21 arrest at MSP Airport shows him swearing at a cop just before the officer gets fed up, puts him in an arm bar, and roughly slams him to the ground. (Read the backstory here.)

The altercation took place while Jarrett, who was fresh out of rehab at the time, was in custody "for a possible detox/crisis hold due to the reports received that he was mixing medications with alcohol" at an MSP bar, as an officer put it in his report. But after the incident, one of the officers handcuffed him and said, "Now you're going to jail."

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Jarrett was later charged with a misdemeanor count of obstructing the legal process/interfering with a peace officer.

Without further ado, here's the video, which was obtained by Gawker via a Minnesota Freedom of Information Act request (read the Gawker post here):

Interestingly, Gawker's writeup of the video notes that the police report -- written by Mark Dorsey, the officer seen wrestling Jarrett to the ground -- differs from the footage in a manner suggesting cops may have trumped up the troubled Fox anchor's bad behavior.

While the police report alleges Jarrettt said "Fuck you" to a cop twice, the video doesn't show him doing so at all. (He does, however, call a cop a "fucking stupid ass.") Dorsey also alleges Jarrett "grabbed my left arm and I broke his grip," but it's unclear from the footage whether Jarrett actually laid hands on the cop before he was slammed shoulder-first to the bench he was sitting on just moments earlier.

In any event, Jarrett still hasn't returned to Fox News, which released a statement after his arrest saying he's "dealing with serious personal issues."

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