Video Shows Drunk Avs Fan Started Brawl at the Wild-Avalanche Game

City Pages reader Keenan Price sent along a much better video of the fight in the stands during Saturday night's Wild game in Colorado. Just as we suspected, the whole thing started because an angry drunken Avs fan got way too fired up.

Price, a Wild fan, said his section was full of people cheering on the Wild, and as the game progressed what started as good-natured trash-talk ramped up into something more serious.

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"I started filming because I thought the guy getting all worked up was funny; I didn't think it was going to escalate into a throw down," says Price. "It was definitely people just getting worked up over no real reason, then more and more people got involved and there you go."

Believe it or not, both parties involved in the duker had been drinking.

"Oh yeah, the guy was definitely drunk. Yeah, for sure," he says laughing. "Not to say that the girls weren't drunk, because they probably were too."

Ahhhh, hockey.

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