Video: Sabo Bridge cables vibrate like guitar strings, July 2011

Video has surfaced of the Sabo bridge cables playing "The Wind Cries Mary."
Video has surfaced of the Sabo bridge cables playing "The Wind Cries Mary."
TC Daily Planet

On February 19, a cable support above the Martin Olav Sabo bike and pedestrian bridge gave way and slumped precariously over the Hiawatha LRT tracks, forcing temporary suspension of light rail service and closing Hiawatha Avenue. The bridge remains closed.

News of the bridge failure caused some to wonder whether Hennepin County made a mistake opting for such a "fancy" design. Anecdotes began circulating from folks who had seen the bridge's string-like cables fluttering in the wind.

Now, video has surfaced from last summer of those cables vibrating like a Hendrix-plucked guitar.

Earlier this week, the Star Tribune reported that engineers expressed concerns about the Sabo bridge's cable plates while the structure was being constructed. Officials determined those concerns were satisfactorily addressed and the bridge opened to bike and foot traffic in 2007.

The Southwest Journal's Dylan Thomas offered up the following tweet in response to the video:

Without further ado, here it is:

We're no engineers, but it's hard to imagine bridge designers intended for it to allow for this much vibration.

Sign of impending failure or not, it certainly isn't reassuring to watch a bridge play "The Wind Cries Mary" while you're standing on top of it.

-- Balky Sabo bridge consultant same firm that consulted on I-35W bridge before it collapsed

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