Video posted of Starbucks union supporters detained on light rail at MOA

starbucks.bmp A Mall of America Starbucks fired Erik Forman earlier this summer during the employee talks about forming a union through Industrial Workers of the World. In July, the Starbucks officially joined and Forman has his job back. Read the back stories we wrote here and here.

Well, his first day on the job didn't really go as planned. Video after the jump.

When IWW supporters tried to follow him to work on the light rail Aug. 30 (one day before the Republican convention officially kicked off), the group was greeted at the MOA by riot police who held them on the train at the station. The train eventually reverses and leaves MOA with everyone on board.

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The video was posted today, but reports had been circulating shortly after the incident. This looks a lot like the detaining that occurred around the RNC. Police held everyone on the train even if they weren't involved in the group. This seems like a sticky situation considering they were on public transportation inside a private business.

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