Video of Matt Kalil Confronting Fan Surfaces, Fan Says He Will Press Charges

Kalil confronted a fan after yesterday's game

Kalil confronted a fan after yesterday's game

This morning Deadspin posted a video confirming Vikings offensive tackle Matt Kalil tossed the hat off of a heckler after Sunday's loss to the Packers.

Now the heckler says he is going to press charges. See also: Fans Claim Matt Kalil Got Into an Altercation with a Fan After Yesterday's Game

When reached via Gchat this morning Rhett Wade said he felt threatened by Kalil when the 6'7" lineman stepped toward him, and after the video surfaced Wade said he planned to press charges.

"His big ass was walking at me like he was ready to knuckle up, but im never scared so I was like "what's up" .. and all he did was grab my hat, he's soft," wrote Wade, who goes by @Kirby_Fuckett on Twitter. Wade threw his program at Kalil after the hat was tossed.

Wade said he was tailgating earlier that morning in Lot 33 but he was not drinking. He lives in Bloomington and works security at a church.

He was escorted back to his tailgating spot by police after the incident, but he was not arrested. The Vikings have not returned a request for comment.