Video of dancing Hopkins cops goes viral

Hopkins cops get down with the kiddos during National Night Out.

Hopkins cops get down with the kiddos during National Night Out.

Finally, a viral police video in which no black people are harmed. Unless of course you count exposure to fantastically suspect dance moves.

A couple of Hopkins bike cops with zero shame and a good sense of humor were hanging out with residents during National Night Out last week. Kidsdance owner Howard Walstein was DJing the kid-friendly block party at Brentwood Park townhomes, when several officers threw their hips into a hula hoop contest. With guns and other bad-guy-catching tools on their waists, the cops weren’t too handy with the hoops, Walstein says.

But when Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” came on, Sgt. Michael Johnson and officer Robert Rebai found their groove. We’re guessing the stanky leg and other moves the buoyant jam calls for were foreign to the badged heroes. But HPD’s new bop kings subdued any reservations and hit the floor (or in this case, the lawn) alongside a handful of youngins. “The main officer, he was nailing it,” Walstein recalls.

Fortunately for people of the Internet, someone was there to #FilmThePolice.

this is currently happening outside my house 󾌴 props to these police officers in the Hopkins Community! 󾌧

“I rolled up and saw them dancing and chuckled to myself,” says Sgt. Mike Glassberg. “Both of them are pretty good dancers, so it was a good thing they were doing it because we would’ve been even more embarrassed.”

And a public blushing it would have been, as the video has been viewed 254,000 times on Facebook. Both Glassberg and Walstein note that the video wasn’t a manufactured publicity stunt. But with racial tension between cops and black people mounting across the country, its 80 seconds of levity comes at a good time, Walstein says.

“Isn’t this much needed?” he says. “Every time you pick up a newspaper or video, it’s like ‘Oh my goodness.’”