Video appears to show argument, hit-and-run, gunfire in north Minneapolis

Police still don't know quite what happened in this video.

Police still don't know quite what happened in this video.

Just before noon on Thursday, a handful of women gathered on the street outside the Lowry Cafe in north Minneapolis clashed in a screaming match with another group of women pulled over in an SUV. 

A video of the incident shows the women on foot trying to incite the driver to get out of the car so they can fight. A man watching off-camera laughs as he goads the driver for rolling up her window.

"Pull over, pull over. Get out, get out," one woman shouts. "Everybody in that vehicle, we gonna beat all your asses."

As the women pace back and forth through traffic, a passenger in the SUV sticks her torso out of the back window and screams back. The SUV eventually backs up and accelerates into the opposing lane, tires squealing as people jump back over the curb to avoid being hit. When the car blurs past the camera, a woman is lying on her back, immobile, in the next lane.

Moments later, what sounds like gunshots ring out over the honking of nearby cars, and people start running. 

Minneapolis Police spokesman John Elder says police who were called to the scene found discharged casings from a gun, which they believe may be tied to the argument at the car. 

He says MPD has opened an investigation to make heads or tails of what happened, but can't elaborate further as the people who called police about the incident asked to remain anonymous.

The name of the hit-and-run victim has not been released, nor any information about her condition, and Elder says no arrests have been made in connection with the video.