Victims of Metro Gang Strike Force pillaging eligible to join lawsuit

Remember the Metro Gang Strike Force? That multi-jurisdiction police agency that was caught looting, then selling, highly valuable "evidence" confiscated from alleged gang members? Whose definition of "gang members" included hapless 15-year-old potheads? A process to reimburse victims has been finalized.

An attorney suing the Strike Force has reached an agreement with lawyers representing the Strike Force's insurance company. Long story short: if you've been shafted by the men in blue, you can call a hotline. After providing your contact info, you'll receive a letter telling you a) a class-action lawsuit is underway and b) the name and phone number of the Minneapolis attorney suing the Strike Force. (Randy Hopper can be reached at Zimmerman Reed Law Firm, 612.341.0400).

The hotline number is 612.209.2673.

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