Veterans Day 2005: Iraq by the numbers

Minnesota Guard members currently in Iraq: 800

Minnesotans who have died serving in Iraq: 26

Minnesotans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001: More than 5,000

U.S. soldiers who have died in Iraq: 2057

U.S. soldiers wounded in Iraq: 15568

Iraqi civilians killed in the war: 26931 to 30318

New Minnesota Guard members to be deployed overseas next year: 2600

U.S. troops headed to Iraq next year: 92000

Soldiers evacuated from Iraq for psychological reasons: 1200

U.S. soldiers who have committed suicide in Iraq: 48

Iraq vets expected to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder: 1 in 5

U.S. soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan: 1.2 million

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