Very bad doggy crashes semi in Mankato

Evidently no one had taught the dog had to shift gears.

Evidently no one had taught the dog had to shift gears.

It would make so much more sense if, the next time some vehicle swerved into your lane, or smacked the car next to it in the parking lot, you looked into the driver's window and saw a dog behind the wheel. "Of course," you'd think. "That explains that terrible driving." This is almost never the case though. 

But it's exactly what happened in Mankato on Friday afternoon, when a semi-truck unexpectedly plowed across the parking lot of a Kwik Trip gas station. The truck had been parked, idling, in a parking lot across the street, when it was somehow put in gear, starting its slow, uncontrolled trip across the street (!) and toward the gas station.

The only possible culprit for the sloppy motoring is this dog, which witness David Stegora captured poking its big, scared, ashamed face out the window after the crash. The truck had leveled a tree, and was on its way over the curb, aimed at the building. 

The Mankato Free Press reports that further damage was averted when someone managed to hop into the cab of the moving truck and hit the brakes. It was then that this Johnny-on-the-spot noticed that he was sharing the truck  with an animal that was either frightened of its mistake or pissed that some jerk had stopped his joyride.

One of the most dangerous realities of dog driving is that few of them are able to steer and operate the gas and brakes at the same time. Canine cabbies can aim or stop, but not both. 

No word on whether there's any trouble for the doggy, or its owner, for this scary but still cute episode. Minnesota State Patrol Cdr. Dan Schisel told the Free Press an incident report had been filed, but didn't give many details.

"All I know is it was a Labrador," Schisel said.

OK, Dan, no need to turn this into a race thing.

Maybe this is just the most direct way the dog could communicate with his owner, who, one imagines, can get a little distracted during those long hours on the open road. Hey man, the dog is saying, I'm here, too. I'm with you. I exist, I feel things, I ache. I yearn. Now go into this Kwik Trip and get me some beef jerky.