Ventura/Stern presidential ticket releases first campaign commercial [VIDEO]


Jesse Ventura and Howard Stern claim they are running for president in 2016, and they have released a new radio commercial for their campaign.

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It's unclear if either is serious about the White House ambitions -- Stern almost certainly wouldn't take the pay cut or accept the financial disclosure required of a race. Ventura actually might be serious, and says he will run even if Stern drops out as his vice presidential candidate.

"We would give the people of America the first opportunity to vote for a president that does not belong to a political party," Ventura says in the clip.

The newly released campaign commercial was really just a gag on Stern's Sirius radio show, mixing together real clips from Ventura's recent appearance where he hyped the campaign. Nevertheless, it gives a sense of what a real Ventura/Stern ticket might look like.