Velo: The Apartment for Hipster Bikers So Cool They're Practically French

An urbanist bike hipster's paradise

An urbanist bike hipster's paradise

In this installment of Better Know a Luxury Apartment Building, we take a look at Velo, which literally means "bike" in French.

The six-story building sits in a weird sort of no-man's land, neighborhood-wise. It's on the fringe of both downtown and the North Loop, and it's just far enough away from the Mississippi not be considered waterfront. Its marketing materials all boldly proclaim it's in the North Loop, because the North Loop is where all the cool kids are at these days.

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Which is sort of baffling. The neighborhood's depressing lack of green space is a huge glaring weakness in a city obsessed with its amazing, beautiful parks.

Plus City Pages HQ is in North Loop. Who'd want us as neighbors?

Anyway, Velo is all about the bikes. It's a place for the kind of person who spends more money on their bike(s) than you did on your car. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Address: 115 N. 2nd St. Opened: September 2014 Developer: Opus Height: Six stories Number of Apartments: 101 Target Demos: Wealthy urbanist, Portlandia vegan, the bearded, spandex-clad biker blowing past you on Cedar Lake Trail Best Amenity: Two outdoor "sun showers" on the second floor deck were cool enough to host a photo shoot for the Timberwolves Dancers calendar.

Street-Level Restaurant: Red Cow opening in February Stupidest Floor Plan Name: Huffy. Whose idea was it to name a $1,600 per month, 700-square-foot apartment after a line of crappy kid's mountain bikes sold at Walmart? Price Range: $1,200 (532-square-foot studio) - $2,700 (1,234-square-foot 2 bed/2 bath) Likelyhood of Tiny Dogs: Three Chihuahuas out of five What did it used to be? A printing warehouse Model on Website: "That better be organic."

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