Vanlenzeo Delrentus Brent allegedly raped 2 children for years after their mom died

Vanlenzeo Delrentus Brent could have done the decent thing and helped protect and raise a couple of his little cousins after their mother died in 2003.

Instead, police say, the 29-year-old man raped the girl and boy for years in the home they shared on Dupont Avenue North, where they'd come to live under the care of their aunt.

The only thing that stopped the abuse was Brent being sent to prison in 2008 -- for sexually abusing a mentally impaired girl with an IQ of 33.

The girl said Brent had lured her to his house with promises of candy. But Brent told the cops he figured he could have his way with her because her father had offered her to him as a "token of generosity." Aroused, he said he touched her breasts and she kissed his penis.

The girl's mother walked in on them as she was pulling up her pants. Brent was naked.

"The defendant then attempted intercourse with T.B., but found that she was not sufficiently aroused so was unsuccessful. The defendant made the comment that T.B. was not responding to the sexual stimulation "like normal people would respond."

He considered himself "normal people," one assumes. [DOCUMENT]

Brent spent three years in prison for sexually abusing the girl. Then, the same month he got out, another horror story emerged.

A courageous middle school-aged girl who had come with her brother to live with their aunt in Minneapolis after their own mother had died, told an adult in November that she was having problems in school and had a terrible secret to tell. Brent, a cousin, had raped and molested her almost daily for five years.

He'd done the same thing to her big brother. [DOCUMENT]

Child A also reported witnessing the sexual abuse of Child B. Child A stated the defendant would penetrate Child B's anus with his penis. She described watching the defendant put ice on his penis before penetrating Child B. Child A stated, when Child B would yell because of the pain, the defendant would go to the "candy stash" during the sexual abuse to silence him.

The brother subsequently told police that he and Brent had slept together in the basement of the house on Dupont Avenue, and he'd awoken one night to find his aunt telling Brent to "leave him alone." Other times, Brent tried to kiss him and have sex with him. He never reported the abuse out of fear of punishment. Evasive and worried in interviews, he said he wasn't sure the degree to which he'd been abused.

Minneapolis cops arrested Brent on Wednesday. He's been charged with 10 counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, and is being held at the Hennepin County jail on $500,000 bail.

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