Vampire King, once candidate for MN governor, jailed for 2 years

Self-proclaimed "Vampire King" Jonathon Sharkey, who once made a weird and brief run for Minnesota governor in 2006, is now doing two years in prison for threatening to torture, dismember and impale an Indiana judge and his family.

Sharkey last made headlines here in June when he pleaded guilty in Olmsted County court to harassing a Rochester teenage girl by e-mail. The two were apparently engaged in a little online dating. The arrest put the kibosh on his political campaign, such as it was.

The guy has had other aspirations to elected office, including the presidency in 2004 and 2008, a U.S. House seat from New Jersey and Florida, and a U.S. Senate seat in Indiana.

More from Indiana's WTHR on his imprisonment:

"No, we've never seen anything like this," said Mario Massillamany, Marion County prosecutor's office.

Yet prosecutors just finished a case involving serious charges against a man claiming to be a vampire.

"Mr. Flash believes that he is the leader of the Vampyre Nation and there are a group of individuals that believe they're vampires here in the United States and he is their leader," said Massillamany.

45-year-old Rocky Flash, also known as Jonathon Sharkey, pleaded guilty to making death threats to Marion County Judge David Certo.

"Saying he was going to dismember him, impale him," said Massillamany.

Wait. It gets better:

"By charging him, he believes that he as the leader of Vampyre Nation should not be held to the laws of the United States and that by holding to these laws, that Judge Certo is violating vampire law," said Massillamany.

And we thought Jesse Ventura was weird.

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