Vampire King calls from Florida, says he's still running for governor

A couple of weeks ago we wondered out loud how self proclaimed "Vampire King" Jonathon Sharkey was going to carry on with his planned campaign for Minnesota governor, since he was in a Marion County, Ind., jail.

Well, the Elizabeth, N.J., native just told us via phone interview from Tampa, Fla., that he's out of jail, and he still plans on announcing his candidacy on the Ides of March.

"I've got my Rochester apartment all set," he said. "I should be back in the state by February," after visiting family in Florida and New Jersey, and a trip overseas to Russia.

Sharkey, who also goes by the names "The Impaler," and "Rocky Flash," briefly ran as a fringe candidate for Minnesota governor in 2006 on the Vampyres, Witches and Pagans ticket. He last made headlines here over the summer when he pleaded guilty in Olmsted County court to harassing a Rochester teenage girl by e-mail.

Sharkey was recently being held in Indiana after pleading guilty to making death threats against Marion County Judge David Certo and his family. Initial news reports -- picked up by us and others -- said Sharkey was serving a two-year sentence, but Sharkey said those reports were wrong, and that he was ordered released by a different Marion County judge on Dec. 21.

"I was kicked out of the state until July 7," he said of his Indiana incarceration. He declined to go into any more details citing gag order he said was imposed by the judge - and which he promised to e-mail as proof.

We'll keep you posted on that. Meantime, here's a link to a pagan Web site that tracks Sharkey's exploits. To put it mildly: Not impressed.

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