Valleyfair's uncertain future sparks outcry on Facebook


Apparently Minnesotans really like Valleyfair. After Cedar Fair announced a potential sale of Valleyfair to help pay off their debt, a Facebook group of worried, angry and upset thrill ride fanatics formed. We've got to keep one place where we can dump teenagers in the summer so they can look hot, get a tan and make out with their significant other. We can't get rid of the PDA capital of Minnesota!

In all seriousness, we appreciate VF, even if it's only tolerable once a year. Who doesn't enjoy a ride on Wild Thing? The Facebook group even posted a response from VF addressing some visitor concerns.

The group SAVE VALLEYFAIR!!! has nearly 18,000 members and continues to grow.

One of the administrators received the following response from Cedar Fair investor relations:

Thank you for your interest in Valleyfair.

We do not have any plans to close this park. While the park is for sale, we are still in the very preliminary part of any sale process. The park will operate this summer as usual and we will continue to provide our guests with the best experience available. The park will even be better this year as we debut our new wave pool, Breakers Bay . It is a 350,000 gallon wave pool that will be sure to thrill our guests. With the addition of the wave pool, Valleyfair will change the name of its waterpark to Soak City .

Thank you for writing to us and expressing your concerns. Guest feedback is very important to us. We look forward to seeing you this summer at Valleyfair!


Investor Relations

While a sale doesn't mean the park will close down, this isn't exactly the best time to put such a huge entertainment mecca up for sale. One of the likely buyers, Six Flags, is also struggling in the current economic conditions.

Anyone have some extra cash around to save this place? We always love going to giant water parks in the summer only to have some little kid poop in the pool. They won't refund your money, folks!