Valleyfair's big stink makes people sick

The pool at Valleyfair: it can be stinky
The pool at Valleyfair: it can be stinky

We have to admit, an afternoon spent sucking on cotton candy, flailing about on roller coasters, and wading into a massive, potentially pee-filled pool with hundreds of strangers sounds like a good way to induce a solid bout of vomit. But yesterday afternoon, folks at Valleyfair didn't need those things to turn green.

A giant "chlorine burst" at the pool made a bunch of people sick. The strong chlorine smell was so bad that people were having trouble breathing. Ambulances came to take at least 16 people--most of them in their teens--to the hospital, according to the Shakopee Valley News. They had irritated eyes and airways.

What's even weirder is that when firefighters shut down the park and looked for a leak, they couldn't find one. The chlorine levels in the water were fine, and the air was also safe. They chalked up the big stink to the restarting of a pool pump. Oops.

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