Valentine's Day: Learn about Minn. Zoo animals getting it on before you get it on

If you are looking for a Valentine's Day to really get you in the mood, what's more arousing than learning about other animals and their super erotic adventures? 

The Minnesota Zoo is hosting its fifth annual Love Tour for horny (or creepy?) adults over 21 on Feb. 13 and 14.

Participants will receive a tour led by a zookeeper where they will learn about different mating and breeding habits of the animals at the zoo. The tour will surely rev up your appetite and you'll be served dinner at Discovery Bay afterward. 

So will we get to see animals humping or what? "I suppose, if they happen to be doing that at the exhibit," zoo spokeswoman Kelly Lessard told the Star Tribune

To get tickets, visit the Minnesota Zoo site. Tickets are $170 per couple and the proceeds go to the conservation programs at the zoo.

Maybe you'll learn some new moves or mating calls. That's worth $170 on its own, right?

Or you could just stay home and watch this: