Utne spreads visionaries via cool Twitter tool

​Minnesota's own Utne Reader has done us all a favor, first by publishing its inspiring -- and humbling -- story of "50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World," then by hunting down the Twitter accounts for 20 of those listed, and then going a step further by making it really, really easy to follow them using the cool tool TweepML.

TweepML (@tweepml) lets you share lists of Twitter users. On its site, you can make your own list or check out lists by others. You can then direct folks to the list on the TweepML site, where they can easily follow everyone on the list with a few simple keystrokes. 

The lists are not exhaustive or encyclopedic, because they're only the reflections of other Twitter users' tastes. But they can be a real time saver, and a great launch pad for tracking down Twitter users whose interests match your own.

Utne's list of visionaries on TweepML is here. It's an eclectic bunch. Among them:

Lance Ledbetter (@dusttodigital): "Ledbetter's record label has been resurrecting 78s and re releasing the work of unheralded American folk, blues, and jazz musicians since 2003." 

Scott Harrison (@charitywater): "Harrison is a former nightclub owner and party hound who decided to do something for others. His group Charity: Water has provided clean water to more than half a million people in Africa, Asia, and Central America."

David Zirin (@edgeofsports): "In his "Edge of Sports" column and other multimedia outlets, Zirin brings a progressive eye to the world of athletics. He's the thinking fan's sportswriter, using our various fields of battle as a sociological lens."

The full Utne story, with profiles and links, is here.