U.S. News "Best Colleges" ranking: Here's how Minnesota schools stack up

Carleton, Hamline, and St. Kate's scored impressive rankings in U.S. News' latest list.
Carleton, Hamline, and St. Kate's scored impressive rankings in U.S. News' latest list.
Image by Tatiana Craine

This week, U.S. News and World Report released the latest installment of its annual "Best Colleges" list.

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The rankings are somewhat complicated, as they break schools into "Regional Universities," "Regional Colleges," "National Liberal Arts Colleges," and "National Universities," among other categories. But below the jump, we take a look at how Minnesota schools stack up relative to each other.

First, via the Washington Post, here's some context about the study's methodology, which was slightly tweaked this year (for U.S. News' own explanation of its methodology, click here):

The U.S. News rankings are probably the most closely tracked index of prestige in higher education, but they are also controversial. Critics say the rankings are based on flawed data and use a subjective formula that gives too much weight to a college's selectivity and reputation.

U.S. News tweaked its formula this year, giving more emphasis to college graduation rates and less to the high school class standing of incoming students. The magazine's methodology also factors in surveys of academic reputation and data on retention rates, college entrance test scores, financial resources and faculty resources, among other things.

And here's the rankings of Minnesota schools of note (for full details about all state schools, click here):

11. Hamline
13. St. Kate's
21. Bethel
26. Augsburg
33. St. Scholastica
42. UMD
75. MSU-Mankato
83. St. Cloud State

7. Carleton
24. Macalester
52. St. Olaf
76. Gustavus
76. (tied, apparently) St. John's
94. St. Ben's
138. Concordia-Moorhead

69. U of M Twin Cities
112. St. Thomas

To see the full national rankings, click here. (Surprise, surprise -- as happens almost every year, Princeton and Harvard ended up as the two top ranked "National Universities.")

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