U.S. Attorney to media: you suck

This afternoon, U.S. Attorney Tom Heffelfinger held a press conference outside the federal courthouse in Minneapolis, ostensibly to provide an update on the investigation into the Red Lake shootings. With a throng of print and electronic scribes on hand, Heffelfinger doled out praise to various law enforcement agencies involved. Then Heffelfinger moved on to a more pressing matter: bashing the reporters who are covering the story.

Decrying the "false information and rumor" published about the case--evidently based on leaks from the FBI or the Justice Department--Heffelfinger blamed the media for complicating the investigation and heightening tensions on the reservation. So which reporters screwed up? And what false information did those scurrilous jackals foist on an unknowing public? Despite repeated questions, Heffelfinger refused to provide any examples.

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