Uptown street sign changed, is much funnier now [PHOTO]

We don't know how you should follow this sign's instructions, but we'd like to see you try.

We don't know how you should follow this sign's instructions, but we'd like to see you try. Reddit user alroh11

Who did this to a traffic sign in Uptown Minneapolis? Your guess is as good as ours.

Mischievous adult gay man? Teenager with free time and an underveloped sense of humor?

Dedicated amateur civil engineer who assumes motorists will realize traffic is only flowing in one direction, and is more concerned about the disappointingly heterosexual way people are driving?

For now, we cannot know the vandal's reasoning. We can only gawk, and ponder what it is this sign means ... not only to him, but to us.

A post appearing on Reddit Sunday morning reveals the makeover on one sign in Uptown Minneapolis -- the poster is not more specific than that; cars in the photo bear Minnesota license plates -- received through the changing of a single letter.

In response, one Reddit-er wonders if the sign redesigner is the same who similarly changed one at 29th and Fremont a couple years ago. 

We wouldn't expect this vandalism to remain intact for too long, so feel free to seek out the "Begin One Gay" sign, if you're able to deduce what block it's on based on the above photo. 

It's probably for the best this doesn't stay this gay -- WAY, sorry, we meant stay this way -- for safety reasons. Not that people will somehow drive into traffic on this street: If you're seeing this sign, you're already facing the right direction. 

The accident will come a couple blocks later, when you are chuckling to yourself, wondering how should a driver begin a gay -- but just one -- and why the City of Minneapolis would insist you do it on this one block... not to mention, what would the criminal penalty be for driving the wrong gay on a one gay street?