Uptown resident lives Rambo-style in backyard, you get cheap rent


If you're looking for cheap living in Uptown Minneapolis and maybe a little adventure in your life, this sublease might be just for you.

Posted on craigslist, an Uptown resident wants to sublease his place for a month while he lives in a tent in the backyard. Why would someone do that? He wants to "learn hardcore survival skills like Rambo". Right.

The full post:
$300 Sublet for 1 month while I live in the backyard like Rambo (Uptown)

Reply to: [email protected]

Date: 2009-02-17, 7:33PM CST

I would like to learn hardcore survival skills like Rambo. My plan is to live in the backyard in a tent, so I will not need my apartment. The place is in uptown and the rent for 1 month is 300 + cable and electric, heat is included.

Check it out here.

If anyone actually checks this place/person out, give us the details. We're quite intrigued by this idea, but pretty sure an Uptown backyard doesn't resemble anything Rambo took on.

What challenges will this man endure living in an Uptown backyard?(via)