Uptown pistol-whipping robbery victim tells harrowing tale in her own words

A barista was pistol-whipped and another barista stomped during an armed robbery at Dunn Brothers in Uptown.
A barista was pistol-whipped and another barista stomped during an armed robbery at Dunn Brothers in Uptown.

Many were shocked yesterday to learn about a particularly violent crime at an Uptown coffee shop on Wednesday night.

Two women working behind the counter at the Uptown Dunn Brothers (1506 W. Lake Street) were confronted by a pair of armed robbers, who proceeded to pistol whip one of them and stomp the other's head.

We talked to one of the victims last night, who provided this first person account on the condition we not use her name or identifying personal details.

It was at the very end of our shift, about 7 minutes before we closed, and a guy walked in and said, "Can I get a caramel mocha?"

He just walked behind the counter and pulled out a gun and said, "Get down on the floor."

Bruegger's was robbed at gunpoint three weeks ago, and they're connected to us, so we had talked about it, and I'd thought a lot about what I would do if it happened.

He had us sit down on the floor and he said, "Open the drawer." So I opened the register.

He had me put the money in his bag for him so he wouldn't touch anything. Then he said, "Where's the rest of the money?"

My coworker said, "There isn't any more."

He hit her in the side of the head with butt of his gun and said, "I'm not playing, bitch, I will fucking shoot you!"

I said, "The money is in the safe in the back room!"

He had us both get up and go into the back room. A second guy came with us. He was just kind of standing there. He didn't say anything.

So I put the money in his bag. Then they had us lay face down on the floor. The guy with the gun ordered the other guy who was with him to tie up our hands and feet.

The guy wasn't doing it fast enough or the right way as the mean guy wanted him to, and he was getting really upset and panicky. He said, "Let's go! Let's go!"

Before they left, I was face down on the hard tile floor, and someone stomped on the back of my head. My forehead slammed into the tile and I had an immediate goose egg.

They left. In the entire time they were there, there were customers on the other side of the store, and I don't think they knew the customers were there.

While we were in the office, a customer called 911. They left on foot. They weren't wearing masks, it was very sloppy.

The customer came in and said, "Girls, are you OK?"

We jumped up, and had him close the door so it locked. My coworker grabbed some frozen lemonade from the freezer to put on my head.

They caught him just down the street. We stuck around and positively identified him as did the customers. Then we went to HCMC.

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